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Pssst, you there. Yes, you. Thanks for travelling to my corner of the internet, I hope it's cozy enough and that you enjoy your stay :)

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I'm putting the longer version of this here. Figures it was going to be too much for BookLikes' blog description ! And while I'm at it, thank you, precious handful of people who are following me. I love you guys and ladies a little bit for randomly sticking with me :) Here we go :



Hi everyone, thanks for travelling to my corner of the internet, I hope it's cozy enough and that you enjoy your stay. French is my first language. I've started reading in english recently after feeling confident enough that I understand everything thanks to fanfiction, so that's why I read both in french and in english. And why my grammar is odd.


I like to muse on things and state my mind while I'm at it, and I'm prone to changing my opinion along the way. I choose to keep track of both my first impression and the whole thinking process though, so don't be too surprised if it happens a lot.


And finally one last important detail about me : I try to be objective and to make amends if I make mistakes sometimes (it happens. Too much). I also do an awful lot of mental flailing, so - please feel free to give your opinion, clearly and kindly, and I'll gladly discuss it with you with the same respect, and agree to disagree if we don't come to a satisfying common ground :)


On the other hand, I reserve the right not to engage and just delete aggressive and insulting comments in my space.